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helps students reach their educational goals through tutoring services, academic coaching, and supplemental instruction.


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These LC tutors meet with students as their schedules allow.


The Learning Center offers tutoring, study groups, and/or review sessions to support selected York College courses.

These courses are often foundational courses or other courses that lead into a field of study. Some examples of content courses for which we currently have tutors are:

          Physical Sciences -

General Chemistry I/I; Organic Chem I/II;  Chem 122/123

Engineering - 

Physics160; Math Methods; ME264; CS101

Biological Sciences -

Biology I/II: Genetics;  A&P I/II;  Biostatistics;  Micro-Biology;  Fund. of Human Biology

          Graham School of Business - 

Financial, Managerial, and Intermediate I/II Accounting;  Business Stats I/II; IFS305;  Managerial Finance; Ops Management; Micro and Macro Econ


Med-Surg;  Pharmacology; NUR210; NUR314

          Behavioral Sciences - 

Select Psychology courses; CJA396 - CJ Stats; BEH260 - Stats; CJA295 - Research Methods

Music, Art, and Communication - 

Select Foundational Music courses;  Art History

          History and Political Sciences - 


Many tutors have posted drop-in hours, so students meet with them in the LC at these regularly scheduled times. Also, you are encouraged to email tutors and request a meeting. Tutors then try to find a time when both parties can meet. 

Call (717) 815-1296 or stop by the Learning Center, HUM01, to check tutor availability.


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