The Learning Center

helps students reach their educational goals through tutoring services, academic coaching, and supplemental instruction.


Tutoring begins Wednesday, January 25th.  

Visit the Content Tutoring Schedule to find drop-in hours.


The Learning Center offers tutoring, study groups, and/or review sessions to support selected York College courses.

These courses are often foundational courses or other courses that lead into a field of study. Some examples of content courses for which we currently have tutors are:

          Physical Sciences -

General Chemistry I/I; Organic Chem I/II;  Chem 122/123; P-Chem; Physics112/113 and 160; Math Methods; ME264; CS101

Biological Sciences -

Biology I/II: Genetics;  A&P I/II;  Biostatistics;  Micro-Biology;  Fund. of Human Biology; Ecology; Prep for MCAT testing

          Graham School of Business - 

Financial, Managerial, and Intermediate I/II Accounting;  Business Stats I/II; IFS305;  Managerial Finance


Med-Surg;  Pharmacology; NUR210; NUR314

          Behavioral Sciences - 

Select Psychology courses; CJA396 - CJ Stats; BEH260 - Stats; CJA295 - Research Methods

Music, Art, and Communication - 

Select Foundational Music courses;  Art History

          History and Political Sciences - 


Many tutors have posted drop-in hours, so students meet with them in the LC at these regularly scheduled times. Also, you are encouraged to email tutors and request a meeting. Tutors then try to find a time when both parties can meet. 

Call 815-1296 or stop by the Learning Center, HUM01, to check tutor availability.


Click here to see tutor schedules.

So, you want to be a Tutor?  Great! It's a job with many benefits!

You can make your own schedule, work closely with faculty, help students and learn even more in your discipline.

To be considered for a position as a Content Tutor:

you must have successfully completed the course you wish to tutor


have a recommendation from your professor to tutor that course.


apply on the Spartan Career Path.

Click here to access the Spartan Career Path and to see the application procedure.

 Questions? Contact Barb Zmolek, Learning Center Director, at or call 815-1296.