National Security Awareness Month





Watch for events on campus.

  • October ?? -Watch for the Cake "wagon"
  • October ?? -Watch for our Ads on the Bulletin Channel
  • October ?? -Watch for Social Media announcements
  • October ?? -Watch for Password Change Contests


Security Tools, Scans, and Updates Security Tools, Scans, and Updates

Keep your computer safe. Here are a few product to assist you:

Please understand that all information, products and services offered through the above links are offered by third parties that are not affiliated with IT Department. You assume total responsibility and risk for your use of the programs.

For more information and assistance please contact the I.T. Help Desk at 717-815-1559.


Stop, Think, Click Stop, Think, Click

The internet opens many doors. You can gather information, find entertainment, go shopping, and even do online banking. The world really is at your fingertips. However, the internet also leaves you vulnerable to scammers, identity thieves, predators, and malicious people in general. We hope to provide you with the resources to answer your questions about security and raise your awareness.

File Sharing Software (P2P) to Avoid Using on Campus File Sharing Software (P2P) to Avoid Using on Campus

The IT staff receives frequent notices of students who are downloading or sharing copyrighted material. To avoid violating copyright laws and DMCA (hyperlink) and HEOA (hyperlink) policies, it is highly recommended that you ensure you do not have any illegally obtained files or P2P file sharing software on your computer. By uninstalling any P2P software and deleting any copyrighted files which were illegally obtained, you can avoid being cited for copyright infringement. Reference this link for the Top 15 most used P2P file sharing programs. Please uninstall any programs which appear on this list: https://itkb.ycp.edu/article.php?id=771.